Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017

All those stuffed animals.,
Snake number one while Beau & I have been walking.

Snugglin' mama
Sweet sleepers!
Pax went to hang out with his friend before he left for 3 weeks. They are silly!
Beau's extra large ice cream.
Sam's date with him.
Snake number 2. This time a copperhead. Beau was going to kill it with a shovel then decided to get his truck. Lol
Waiting out a storm playing a game. Paxton talks smack & sister doesn't like it. Me & sis did win though.
Shelby the turtle..
Beau got to go to lunch & a baseball game with Pete.
Victoria & Piper got to have a sleep over.
He loves books!
Silly bunnies..
Sunday afternoon coloring with sis.
Poor Pax! Don't worry, I saved him.
Rogue One!
All the time with this boy!
After school with the middle Farris girls.
Match matchy
Mom's just tryin' to get her hair done.
Had a lunch date with this sweet silly boy.
Kite flying..
Someone was up & at 'em early.

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