Thursday, February 23, 2017

My 33rd birthday

My birthday was amazing! Jennifer whom I share a birthday with picked me up a white chocolate mocha from Java House on Tuesday.  I woke up to candy, & a card from hubby & the kids. Beau also left a sweet note on my coffee cup. I did a 5 mile run & worked out with my friends. Then my friends surprised me for lunch. They also all said something they love about me, & got me a gift & a cake. Cleave Gipson was at La Fiesta & paid for my lunch (love him). My mother-in-law brought me a cake & gift card & Beau got me a shirt I have been wanting. Piper massaged my back & I spent a fun evening at home with my family. I feel SO loved!
Oh then I had a gift from my secret pal at work on Thursday.


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