Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feb 2017

I wonder if he has enough stuffed animals...
He's realized he looks like Captain Cold so I may never get my robe back.
 5th annual Ames' National Donut Day!
They are complete opposites when they sleep. Pax is completely  uncovered & Piper is completely  covered. Piper sleeps like my grandma Baker did & my brother. Her head covered with a little hole for her face.
Prayer & pancakes with the youth. Fellowship & praying over the youth.
Super bowl party with the youth.
Super bowl recovering for Paxton.
How Pax felt about wearing open pants (shorts).
Haddie & Paxton after workout. Sweet friends.
Afternoon at the park with the family.
Dad makin' bacon.
Movie night & sleeping in the living room as a family.
Pax watching his pal Tye mow.
Sunday snuggles with my girl. On Sunday after church she usually isn't too far from her momma.
 Beckett's 4th Stars Wars party!
 Love when he grills!
Landon is 10! His momma had the flu so we didn't get to go see him so his dad brought him to see us.
Ahhhh! Crazy driver. Waiting in line to pick up sister.

As I was cleaning the preschool one day Paxton decided to use a sharp rock he had (I didn't know he had) (but is known to sneak rocks in his pocket) & scratch the t.v. & DVD player. Yep it was bad! I cried he cried, he got a spanking & had to do some chores. He also didn't get to sleep with her sister that night.
 Piper & Victoria get to play together a lot. They practice little bible lessons. So sweet!
Cookies & a fire with my family.


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