Saturday, November 5, 2016

School days....

Paxton hangs out with me in the mornings before school.
His "about me" poster.
Piper & her birthday cupcakes.
Paxton telling about himself.
We do a little school work at home.
Paxton & his birthday cupcakes.
Love my fall Bulletin .
Homecoming week. 
Paxton NEVER sings along to the songs in chapel. He actually wanted to go up front this time. He did a few movements.

Mason & Pax playing in my room before school.

Halloween party!

Dressing up (again) to raise money for the flood victims.
For the 1st 9 weeks Piper got her AR award & the highest math grade in her class. Proud of this girl!
 50 books in 50 days! 50th day!

 Piper is loving GT this year. They competed in a chess tournament. Piper only won 1 out of 5 games but she enjoyed it.
Paxton, Beckett, & Mason really into a movie.

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