Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016

Just a little group shot of our lifegroup!
It's football season!
When mom was in Bentley stayed the night with us. He loves his aunt Becky!
The kids were shopping with me at Hobby Lobby!
How stinking cute are they!?!?
Piper wanted a shopping day! I love spending quality time with this girl. She is growing up fast!
My friends have encouraged  me so much in my half marathon  training! I went 11 1/2 miles & Cameron surprised me with this.

Piper Ames here to report the weather.
Trying coffee for the 1st time. She didn't hate it but thought it wasn't bad.
The little ones hanging out in Bentleys bed.
It's time for pumpkin bread!
Beau & I eating Paxton birthday candy while he is sleeping.
So Beau accidentally  whacked me in the eye so I get to wear a black eye for a few weeks.
I now believe I can run a half marathon! Got 14 miles in! My friends surprise me again! #irunforpepsi
Just because  he  is  so  stinkin' sweet!
When you're  sitting  outside  with  mom & you  just  have  to  pee.
We had a girls night at the ROC. We all brought for & just hung out.
Piper & I were  watching tv & Paxton wanted to sit with us. He also wanted to hold these two balloons which made it hard for Piper & me to see.
Just some reading  time with  dad.
Piper made him a Mogul symbol. He's either Batman or a bad g
The tent was still up so the kids slept in it.
Good morning!

She fell asleep on me on the couch after church. I love her!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Piper's 9th birthday!

I'm  not  sure  how  I'm  old  enough  to  have  a  9 year  old  but  Beau & I  couldn't  be  more  proud  of  this  girl. She had school  this day  but we made sure to  still  celebrate  her!  Her dinner of choice was taquito's & cheese dip. Last year  in the single digits for this girl!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Birthday boy! 4 years old!

Our big boy had a fun day on his birthday. He had to break  out of his room (which he thought was awesome) & had the traditional  pancakes with candles.
Me & his daddy took him to eat at McAlester's. Then we told him he didn't  have to take a nap. He was so excited! On the way home he kept falling asleep. He would wake up smiling  trying to keep  his eyes  open & would say "I'm  so glad I don't  have  to  take  a nap." Then he would fall back asleep . His dinner choice was chicken, mac and cheese, strawberries, & cupcakes.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Batman's 4th birthday

My favorite  superhero  turned 4! He had a fun party with lots  of  people  who  love  him. They got to tackle & spray Led Luther, unfreeze Batman, eat superhero food, & yummy cookie cake. Paxton, we love you so much!