Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fun week with cousins!

We had such a fun week with our cousins! 
Slip-n-slide fun !
Found someone ready for bed. In my bed!
Everyone has that cousin. Yep, he's mine!
That's better!
We played with the Frisbee almost every night. So fun!
Pax likes to be thrown in the air!
The guys grilled almost everynight!
We ate watermelon.
I took the big kids to elevate to meet some friends and so Piper could see her friend Mackenzie who lives in Alabama.
Roasted smores'
Poor mimi.
We went swimming.
We went  to  the  trash  park and then got snowcones.
Then we lit some smoke bombs and sparklers.
That's my boy!
The best week with our cousins!

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