Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fun week with cousins!

We had such a fun week with our cousins! 
Slip-n-slide fun !
Found someone ready for bed. In my bed!
Everyone has that cousin. Yep, he's mine!
That's better!
We played with the Frisbee almost every night. So fun!
Pax likes to be thrown in the air!
The guys grilled almost everynight!
We ate watermelon.
I took the big kids to elevate to meet some friends and so Piper could see her friend Mackenzie who lives in Alabama.
Roasted smores'
Poor mimi.
We went swimming.
We went  to  the  trash  park and then got snowcones.
Then we lit some smoke bombs and sparklers.
That's my boy!
The best week with our cousins!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I love my days at the pool with my friends!
Piper & I did a fun 1 mile color run.
We have been making banana peach smoothing that are delicious !!
Pax likes to help.
She is just so pretty!
Paxton got to go hang out with his friend Beckett!
Funny, sweet picture.
We all slept in the living room floor for a movie night. Part of our summer to do list.
We were matching.
Never ending game of monopoly. So fun though.
Dud is going under the water.

We meet up with Jacque & Myles.
Pax doing some color sorting.
Some t.v. watching with Myles.
Some weird snap chat fun.

Eating a snack naked.

Went swimming with Jacque, Myles, & Saydee. So fun!
The kids LOVE VBS & Crazy Awesome Fun Camp! Paxton's 1st year.

Beau & I got to hang out while they were there. We ran, walked, ate dinner, and did my cleaning at the church. 
Piper & Ryle swimming.
We ate dinner with the Clay's so Kay'lynn and I could talk about our year. We went to the neighbors to see all the animals and a racoon pooped on me.
Sweet cousins!
Pax helping Gary with some mowing.
Piper was super excited to see her friend Mackenzie! They were visiting from Alabama.
Happy Father's day to this amazing dad!
Life with Pax right now. Batman obsessed!
We're getting tomatoes & Piper is so excited!
I love these summa dayz!