Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

Started our May off at the drive-in.
Eating some ice cream at Geno's.
Playing in the creek.
Pax had his 1st check-up & did awesome! Here he is with my old boss.
Being a bad guy and trapping his super hero's.
Dolls and super heroes.
Paxton: "I'm batman."
Does everyone walk around Walmart like this? You do if you're Batman.
We think these are tick bites on his back. Thought it was weird how the bites made a line.
Piper did volleyball camp this year and LOVED it! She did good too.
Rylee's birthday party.
Beau made summit again so we got to have a date night at Rolando's with his work. The kids stayed the night with grandma Rena & Papa Mack.
Chuck E. Cheese for Makayda's 4th birthday!
Then we had a girls night!! SO much fun! I love laughing with friends. We know how to have a girls night. 
Just bc they matched and looked SO cute!
After the last day of school we made home made pizza's.
We started the first few days cleaning the house bc it was in major need and Piper is learning to vacuum. I made the kids help clean. I told them we work then play.
Now it's play time. Water fun in the sun!
And lunch picnic..
Ice cream!!!!
Batman got a hair cut!
I'm just trying to fold laundry.
Tent fun!!!
The Scantlings came & ate dinner with us. So fun!
Lyla loves Snapchat. lol
I love this precious boy! He gets in bed by himself when he is really tired!

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