Sunday, May 1, 2016


Oh this sweet girl making me coffee❤️☕️.
Our iron man!
I love that he likes to imitate his daddy.
Snuggle time after church then she falls asleep on her mom. I love you Piper Annabeth.
Sunday fun!
First snow cones of the season.
The guy showed up to replace our dishwasher and this is what Paxton was doing. He had his man voice going and was talking on his phone just like the guy. He would say "you got a hammer." Then the guy said stupid and Paxton told him not to say that. He is SO funny!
Little fireman
This pretty girl wanted to do this picture.
I think this muscle man has outgrown these Pajama's.
Some tv watching.
Always fighting with this boy.
A fun time at the park.
Riding his "motorcycle".
They sleep so opposite. Piper sleeps like her uncle Hank & grandma Baker with their face covered. Paxton sprawled out with no covers.
Trying a radish...
She thought she wanted to clip my toe nails๐Ÿ™ˆ.
After discovering I had fifths disease and was hurting so bad I was sad to miss my run. My sweet friend Cameron showed up with a Pepsi and some skinny pop popcorn. ❤️
Pretty girl got new glasses.
Just cheesiness
Beau's been running some. Piper decided to do one of her runs with him.
Just watching tv.

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