Saturday, March 19, 2016

School is 3/4 down

School is almost over! I love that mrs. Burton uses the Bloomz app so we can see what our kids are doing.
At a drama play. Piper & Ashita.
The class with their skeleton.
Paxton doing some school work.
Painting at school.
Piper made the 1000 # club. She chose Rylee to eat lunch with her & mrs. Burton.
Matching his alphabet at home.
He hangs out with mama in her classroom in the mornings.
Why is he always so funny? Having fun at school.
Field trip! Piper & Kaitlyn. To Alma to see a play then to Chuck E Cheese.
Jump rope for heart.
Jett brought his rabbit to school.
Some days go like this. Normally when I am busy.
Dr. Seuss week! Me & Piper made this shirt for character day. We went with a book.
Piper wants to be an artist!
Mustache day!
Paxton doing school work in my class. He's so smart!
Piper's class got picked to do a rap for leadership day. She was super excited.
Okay so we have 8 weeks of school!

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