Thursday, March 31, 2016


They love their mama!
We voted! We're on the Cruz crew!

We watched Gracie one day. They had lots of fun!
Went outside with dad. Came back in with flowers for mom. LOVE
Talking to Mimi on the tablet.
They love each other.
Just some Sunday FUN day!

This girl!
New dr. that we love! Piper's eye have improved a little & she doesn't have to do therapy for now. A huge praise!
She couldn't go back to school because her eyes were dilated. So we had lunch at the mall.
My super heroes!!!!
Why does she look so grown up?
She likes to bake and help me in the kitchen.
My boy ended up with the flu. It was pitiful! His temp got up to 105. He threw up 5 times and looked so pitiful while standing at the trashcan and said "mama, why can't I feel better." Tamiflu was awful and I decreased his dosage. Thankfully he recovered pretty quickly.
I went to a woman's conference in Little Rock for the night & the kids camped out in the living room.
So much fun! Some of the girls had already left. The Lord has really blessed me with some great friends. Seriously, I am thankful!
Pax had fever Saturday night so I stayed home with him Sunday. He wrapped himself up and fell asleep by me.
Oh this boy. Melt me.
More fun on Sunday & resurrection rolls.
My dangerous Knight!
 I love this sweet face!
And I love this boy falling asleep on me.
I also love my two guys falling asleep together on the couch.
Met dad for lunch.
We met dad for lunch. Pax was so excited.
Lots of fighting going on with this little guy.
A little construction site going on.
Paxton has a minion driving the forklift.
Just dressed and ready for the day. He's a little obsessed with Darth Vader.
He's really in to dressing up right now.
Piper made this door hanger for her door. So funny!
Oh this boy!
Gaming with dad.  have a picture like this with Piper too.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring break 2016

We had a fun spring break. We mostly stayed close to home besides our trip to Tulsa. Michael & Audrey got to come up with mimi..
Bentley & mimi tickling Paxton.
All this technology!
Bentley stayed the night!
Piper doing some dancing..... love
Daisy stayed the night. We did some crawdad hunting. We caught one!
We still worked out & one day we worked out at the park. So fun!
We enjoyed being outside.
Ate dinner at the Scantling's one night. Paxton & Lyla were playing with their phones.
The we played a nasty jelly bean game.
Paxton & dad were "dangerous knights". They were so cute. Paxton loved it.
One day we stayed home all day. It was awesome! We played games, ate candy & popcorn, drank hot chocolate, & did a puzzle. Well we did part of it until Paxton climbed up with his bulldozer and plowed it over. Punk! lol We also made crosses for Easter.
And we went to the park. It as beautiful!
Piper Annabeth has been making our coffee. I remember doing this for my mom. She is a sweetheart!
Good times......
Now, back to school for a few months