Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hey baby it's Christmas...All Oooover

Got our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. We are excited to celebrate!
We wrote letters to Santa!
Paxton & I did some baking while Piper was at school. He's a good helper.
Gingerbread houses!
This is what I made for Piper & Paxton's classmates. Love how they turned out. A lot of work but I didn't spend any money. Just used what I had at home! #score
We went and had crafts at Santa's workshop. They brought home a couple of cute ones! When Santa would walk by, Paxton would just smile and wave.
Went home and had hot chocolate, popcorn, & movie night. We watched Elf.
A friend asked me some of the things I wanted for Christmas. I had told her I wanted a good cheese grater. She got this for me. So sweet!
Live Nativity Scene!
Looking at Christmas lights. Piper was excited to have Daisy with us. We had our hot chocolate & junk food!
Polar Express night! Paxton was glued to the movie and was happy to see his friend Grayson their. Piper was their for the popcorn. Paxton has been obsessed with this movie since this night. He randomly yells out "All Aboard". He also tells us to say "thank you" to which he replies "no, thank you." It's a scene between the conductor and the main character. 
We love Christmas time! It has FLOWN by! Thankful for the people in our lives that make it so wonderful! Thankful for our Savior being born!

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