Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

As soon as Piper woke up on Christmas Eve she was ready to see where Santa was. She's practically been tracking him all day.
Cinnomon rolls for breakfast.
We colored pictures to send with Santa.... They were about Jesus' birth.
Candle light Christmas Eve services and Papa Mack & Grandma Rena came. Me, Jessica, & Cameron got to do some of the planning for it this year. We came up with ideas to make it more kid friendly. We came up with Brother Ronnie telling the meaning of the candy cane, for the kids to come on stage and sing a song with bells, and for the outside Nativity. That was fun coming up with ideas.... Paxton did great on stage this year and there were no almost falling trees like last year. He really like watching the guy play the drums. He was persistant on us lighting his candle so I just held it with him. Piper on the other hand didn't want to hold it. So she held it for a minute so I could snap a picture.
We always open our stockings on Christmas Eve.
Beau & I thougt we needed some coffee.
Paxton was super excited about his chocolate bulldozer.
So I am like anti- putting make-up on little girls. I think they are too young and I don't ever want Piper to feel like she NEEDS to wear make-up, or it makes her look prettier. She did ask for some to play with so we got her some to play with at home. We were impressed with how well she put it on.
We made our cupcakes to celebrate Jesus' birthday!
Got the reindeer food out.
Dad read his annual book to them.
Milk, cookies, and pictures ready for Santa! Let's do remember how Paxton licked one of the cookies, Piper screamed and had to get a new one. Never a dull moment.
We also watched Christmas movies and just enjoyed our day. 

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