Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving break 🍁🦃🍴💛

Thanksgiving break is over already!
It's funny to brush your teeth with your cousin. LOL! Audrey & Pax.
Bentley doing some sweeping for me.
Christmas shopping! Aunt Jane & uncle Danny found the perfect chair!
What? Beau cooked breakfast for my family!?!?
Then we were Oklahoma bound.....
Piper got stuck in the couch. I love how uncle Danny is laughing here. 
Paxton is OBSESSED with "uncle Danny's backhoe". He said he wanted a tractor on top of a trailer for Christmas.
We were SO happy when Beau made it in.
Piper helped with some Thanksgiving cooking.
Truely blessed! 
Five sisters.... Mom, aunt Liz, aunt Jane, aunt Bonnie, & aunt Mary Faye.

Paxton playing with mimi.
Beau said he would wear his hat like this until the HOGS won. Well they won for him. How about my Sooners whippin up on OSU? What a game!!!
We've been trying to keep this girl busy. Me, her, & Ashley did some shopping. Nicole kept knocking things off the shelf. It was good to see her smile a little while going through the hardest time of her life!
Can't get with family without have game nights!!! 
Know it's back home to the real world. I love my people.

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