Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yay for school!

School is going great for us all!
If ya didn't know, Paxton is a little ladies man. This is the girl Riley who made him hold her hand last year. He was sitting in this and she climbed right in and smashed herself in with him. His teachers say he's quite the ladies man & the ladies come to him.
My sweet class. I have 7 kids. I love apple week!
Paxton doing some painting in his class. He is loving school! 
Piper Annabeth did her star reading test at the begining of the year. She tested at a 4.9! That is a 4th grade level in the 9th month of school. Her reading over the summer sure paid off! We are SO proud!
Learning about clouds at school...
Pax has also been doing some school work at home. right now we are going over shapes. 
Paxton is SO excited that his friend Lyla moved back & is in his class!
Pretty Piper on picture day.
Love my fall bulletin!
Paxton got to pick out pictures in a magazine that looked like his family. Beau & I laughed that he was Gerard Butler, I am a hot momma, Piper is a sweet little girl, & Paxton looks like a wild little man!
Fire truck at MDO! Pax was SO excited! This is part of his class.
Weston, Ryder, Riley, Paxton, Beckett, Lincoln, Charlotte, & Lyla.
My class!
Why is my daughter not President of the United States?
Westwood had a spirit week to earn money to buy blankets for children at ACH. The first day was dress like a leader. Piper chose Queen Esther.
Super Hero day!
Nerd Alert! Are nerds suppose to be this cute???
Tye-dye day!
Rylee, Piper, Jolie, Lakyn, Emma, Raylie, & Erin. 
Big boy in school.
Riley said "Paxton, give me a hug." SOOO sweet!!

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