Saturday, October 31, 2015


Can't get enough of this face!!
Dad & Pax went to the grand opening of the new Police Department. Pax had a blast. 
Paxton LOVES to watch me put make-up on and against his dad's will he knows what all the make-up is. I can say "get the mascara" & he gets it. So funny!
Some of Beau's childhood family friends were in town, Dan & Kyle so they came by. They let the kids sit on their Harley.
While I was trying to run Paxton got off his bike and I of course was aggravated because he was messing up my run. Paxton saw a dandelion & wanted to blow it. I was quickly reminded that it's okay to stop & enjoy the little things.
Piper & I helped at a fundraiser where my friend Jessica lead some dances. It was so much fun & I don't know my daughter at all. Girlfriend had some moves!
Beau told me he may be on the news. He saw the news and kept waiting to go in but they took too long so he snuck in. You can see the creeper Cintas' man in the background. lol!
LOVE me some snuggles!
Molly is still kickin! Sometimes she gets fed sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes I will see her try to eat off the shell in her fish bowl. Poor fish. We don't know how she is still alive. Sometimes I will leave Piper a note like this so she will feed it.
We had some DRAMA after Piper's Racoon got stolen at school. She learned NOT to take toys to school. Well, grandma Rena got her another one & one to go with it. It made Piper's year. Well Rocco & Roxy got married and it was performed by Piper.
We meet Trinka at the park so Paxton & Beckett could play because they are OBSESSED with eachother. I got to snuggle the twins & even put one of them to sleep. 
Pax had 2 baths that day. I mean, who gives their kid a bath before they go to the park.
There is this little boy who is obsessed with Fixer Upper. He thinks Chip is SO cool & he loves demolitian day!
Then he put mom's lipstick on. Then he wouldn't let me take it off.
Our church hosted a revival. It was AMAZING! It was so neat seeing our church so full and all the people who gave their lives to Christ. I'm praying it will continue.
Pax & miss Caylee eating some pizza :)
We got boo'd & we are pretty sure we know who did it! They are awesome!
Glad I have friends who work with my kids in 2nd street & send me pictures. Paxton & Beckett were taking turns throwing the baby dolls down the slide.
Piper selfies!
Dress up with big sis!
Beau had his work picnic....
Me & Nicole did some shopping and Paxton found a hat. This boy is so stinkin' funny!
We went to Landon's PTO program.
Sweet sleeping skeleton.
The corn maze got cancelled because of rain so we went to see Woodlawn. It was AMAZING! Only 3 of my 6th grade girls went but we had fun. Zoie, Emily A., & Kennedy.
Yay for the month of being thankful!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween parties at school

We had busy days on Thursday & Friday celebrating Halloween.
Paxton and Beckett, ALWAYS excited to see each other.
So glad I get to be with my boy at MDO!
My sweet class! Melissa was helping in another class & Aedan was gone.
Lane, Autumn, me, Delainey, Lexi, Rafe, & Preston.
Pax's class doing a cupcake walk.
Piper had an "orange party" at school! They ate all orange things.
My pretty girl!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PTO music program

The 2nd & 3rd graders had their PTO music program. We got to do Halloween this year. Piper's teacher is SO good about taking pictures and posting them to our Bloomz app and it is so neat seeing them. My little Ninja turtle did so good & we love watching her!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

AHG get-together Halloween

Piper had a fun night with her American Heritage Girls group. They went to a families house who decorates "BIG" for Halloween & Christmas. It was pretty impressive but the pictures don't do it justice. We were excited to go but Jessica & I were really down about missing our revival at church. It meant alot to the girls though so it was worth it.