Saturday, September 26, 2015

Piper 8 years old!

The princess is 8! She is so smart, works hard in school, doesn't like controversy, cares about people, and loves to pray.
She seriously has the biggest heart!
Her & Daisy are still great friends & she loves Rylee & Katelyn M.
Her favorite color is coral.
She loves quality time. If you make a point to spend time with her she feels so special & lets you know it.
She likes basketball & her new American Heritage Girls group.
She likes reading, arts & crafts, painting, drawing, & keeping a messy room.
She loves church & always tells us what she learns.
She loves baby Ty beanie babies.
She likes to sleep with her brother on the weekends.
She likes American Girl books & movies.
Family movie nights are one of her favorites.
She also likes riding her bike especially on the trail while I am running.
She likes teaching her brother school work.
This little girl loves her family so much!
She is wise beyond her years!
Piper you bless our lives everyday! We love you princess!!

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