Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Beau was reading to Piper & I caught her put her arm around him. That girl loves some quality time!

Trying to run while Pax rides his bike.
Piper & Allysa both started riding their bike and they have had fun riding it together!
Piper and all her reading!
Piper & Landon were sitting in Bentley's playpen eating animal crackers like babies! lol!
Paxton got to bring a stuffed animal to church & they learned how to take care of God's creatures.
Sleepin' off the bed....
Dr. Paxton in tha house! He likes to pretend he is Dr. Whitaker. The first thing he says is "you're not getting a shot today."
Paxton is obsessed with watches. He picked out this Ninja Turtles one with his birthday money.
Beau teaching Piper, Daisy, & Autumn how to play kickball.
No school so we went to the park! 
Marin & Paul's birthday parties. So fun!
A day at the mall. Yummy pretzel bites!
Ah that little hiney! 
Dad & Paxton playing cars....
New pajama's and sibling love! Paxton wants to wear these everynight because he says he is a fire chief.
Lunch with mom at Sam's. I love hanging out with this little man!
He's getting good at riding while mom runs.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Leader of the month....

for September...... Piper Ames!
She makes us proud!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Piper 8th birthday!!

Piper is 8 years old! I love the joy on her face in these pictures! She knows how adored and loved she is!
They sang happy birthday to her in church and we ended the day with some fun in the yard & her favorite meal. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Piper 8 years old!

The princess is 8! She is so smart, works hard in school, doesn't like controversy, cares about people, and loves to pray.
She seriously has the biggest heart!
Her & Daisy are still great friends & she loves Rylee & Katelyn M.
Her favorite color is coral.
She loves quality time. If you make a point to spend time with her she feels so special & lets you know it.
She likes basketball & her new American Heritage Girls group.
She likes reading, arts & crafts, painting, drawing, & keeping a messy room.
She loves church & always tells us what she learns.
She loves baby Ty beanie babies.
She likes to sleep with her brother on the weekends.
She likes American Girl books & movies.
Family movie nights are one of her favorites.
She also likes riding her bike especially on the trail while I am running.
She likes teaching her brother school work.
This little girl loves her family so much!
She is wise beyond her years!
Piper you bless our lives everyday! We love you princess!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend fun!

Mom came in this weekend & surprised Piper & Paxton with Maraina, Michael, & Audrey! They were SO excited! Hank, Nicole, Landon & Bentley got to hang out with us to so it was a great weekend! The kids had lots of fun together! We also went to Rowland to watch Landon play football. Saturday we went to Hank & Nicole's to watch football.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Paxton's 3 birthday!

Paxton got to spend his actual birthday with his cousins! It was a fun & busy day! He got his breakfast pancake with candles. We had a busy day and at night we had hotdogs and sat by the fire. It was great! Happy birthday Paxton Asher!