Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Fair🎡🎢🎠

Beautiful night at the fair!
Kennedy & Klaire were letting the kids pet their cows.
Paxton 'mooed' at all the animals, walked all through the sawdust & touched EVERYTHING!
Piper was so glad Brooklyn was there to ride rides with her.
We paid 20 dollars for an armband for Paxton because we knew for sure he would want to ride so much. I think he was gettin over his ear infection & he had a bad rash from his antibiotics so I don't think he felt to well. This is the only ride he rode. It jerked pretty bad then when it stopped the guy realized he didn't even put Paxton's seat belt on. Oh my word! 
I love how Piper has her hands up. She's so fun!
Great night with my loves!!

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