Monday, August 31, 2015


August is over and that mean fall is coming. I love fall SO much but Beau & I talked about how much fun we have had this summer!

I went on a date with Piper to Sweet Bay. I drank coffee, she ate cake, & we both read. Piper said she loved it SO much! Paxton & dad went on a date to McDonald's.
Fun nights with my brother's family. We made our own Sundae's, and went on walks.

We read through the book of Ruth & Jonah as a family. Piper liked getting to read some.
I love that dirty, popsicle eating face!
We stopped at the Pink Pistol on the way back from Ardmore just for Nicole! Miranda Lambert's store.
Fun with cousins in Oklahoma!
Lanee & Piper were selling rocks to the family. These girls were making money! I told mom we had some dumb family and she said no you just can't tell these sweet face no. I agree!
On our way back home from OKLAHOMA Pax we think had a bug and threw up ALL morning. poor guy!
The girls in my lifegroup had a birthday party for Bree. We decided to scare them & it was so fun! Angela's dad, Zac, her boys, & Chad all scared them. When they got back in their cars Jessica & I were hiding in the back. When they started driving we jumped up & scared them. So funny! They told me I was the worst lifegroup leader ever! HA! They love me!
Sister crocheting in her pajama's. 
Pizza and movie night in mom & dad's bed! (p.s. I don't like food in my bed)
Pax grabbed this 2lb box of goldfish from Target and said we needed these. He threw them in the cart. (we didn't get it)

Paxton acting like Bentley again, letting Landon give him his cup while he gave Bentley his cup. lol!
We love baptism's at Shadow Lake! I don't know whose kids were soaking wet in the lake afterwards!
Paxton was helping Isaac cover his feet. ;)
Just more motorcycle riding with an old football helmet.
I was running and this is what Beau & Pax was doing. I love them so much!
A little computer time...
A little track time....
This boy learned to ride his bike & that's all he wants to do!
My little artist.....seriously!
Bentley getting some training in. Pushing Pax in the dump truck.
My football players!
We got Daisy a dress for her birthday. The girls were matching. So pretty!
Little man with an ear infection. He was not feeling good. Then he was allergic to his antibiotic. UGH! He does love going to see Dr. Whitaker though.
Piper Annabeth ran with her mommy. Love her determination. It was slow as molasses at Christmas time but she went 2 miles with me.
Found a turtle on our front porch. Kept it for the night. Piper named it Sparkles. SO fun!
I just want to eat this face up!

A great night at Bell Park!
Spent Saturday morning doing puzzles with Piper. Paxton spent it bulldozing puzzle pieces.
My boys getting that mowing done.
Thank you Lord for letting me be their mommy! 
Sister sleeping with her eye!
Piper Annabeth learned to ride her bike without training wheels. FINALLY! She just got out there & did it over and over until she got it. Of course mommy was right there with her. We are SO proud! August 30, 2015
Eating lunch at McAlister's and I just love his face and THOSE eyes!
My little biker's on the walking trail!
Bring it on September!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Fair🎑🎒🎠

Beautiful night at the fair!
Kennedy & Klaire were letting the kids pet their cows.
Paxton 'mooed' at all the animals, walked all through the sawdust & touched EVERYTHING!
Piper was so glad Brooklyn was there to ride rides with her.
We paid 20 dollars for an armband for Paxton because we knew for sure he would want to ride so much. I think he was gettin over his ear infection & he had a bad rash from his antibiotics so I don't think he felt to well. This is the only ride he rode. It jerked pretty bad then when it stopped the guy realized he didn't even put Paxton's seat belt on. Oh my word! 
I love how Piper has her hands up. She's so fun!
Great night with my loves!!

Monday, August 24, 2015


We had SO much fun swimming at the pool this year. Thank you Parrot Island for opening up because the Country Club was not very packed. EVER! This is where we spent a lot of our days!
He just wanted me to take his picture.
The Ames', Steinfeldt's, & Farris, had the pool all to our selves!
Paxton pretending that the chair is a trash truck like he does with everything...
Me & the kids had another fun day at the water park with Jessica and the girls!
Middle school swim party. Pax was all over the ladies! Him & Paige D. here.