Friday, July 31, 2015


Beau's friend Sam got this hat for Paxton and he seriously wears it everyday. How stinkin' cute does he look???
Paxton loves his uncle Hank!!
We took the kids to see Inside Out. SOOOO cute!!!
We had our shaving cream fight & water balloon fight. We had so much fun. I took a few pictures then seriously just took it all in. I really will miss these days.
Just because he is SO precious!!
Our church had their annual Alma Water Park night. Piper went on some bigger slides, Pax went all over. I visited with friends and Beau played with the big boys. 
Love summer time in the mornings. 
Just doing some coloring.
Home made pizza's!
He does whatever he wants!

Sweet summer days!!
I had some planters that I got from MDO that came from Home Depot and the kids had a lot of fun putting them together. Paxton absolutley loved the hammering and was actually pretty good at it. Piper of course loved painting it.
Paxton had his Upward gear on ready to play some ball.

Drive-in movie night! So fun but it was a little too hot!
Sweet cousins! 
We love going for walks with family!
Hands full of baby love both chewing on my necklace!
Love my gorgeous guys!
Night at the park! Sweet sweet summer nights! Sweet sweet cousins!
Getting ready for another year of MDO at our workshop. 
Of couse when mom's away, dad & the kids will play. 
Too hot for the park. McDonald's play place it is!
Does this sweet girl sleep with enough pillows and stuffed animals?? Gah I love her!
Typical Pax, laying in the floor playing cars.
This boy! SOOOO gross!!! He was farting on me and was laughing so hard. ugh!
Little cowgirl!
Beau's Summitt dinner with work. 

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