Friday, July 3, 2015

Grand Country Inn Waterpark

We met Zac & Angela at their hotel to play at the indoor water park Saturday night. I only got a few pictures but the kids LOVED it! A siren would start going off and that meant they were dumping a huge bucket of water out. The kids would run to it when it went off.
When it was about time to go a little girl fell and hit her head hard! Beau freaked out and yelled at me because for a second he thought it was Piper. I turned around so sick at my stomach because you could tell this girl was hurt bad. I realized it wasn't her and just felt sick. I couldn't imagine what that mom was going through. The ambulance ended up coming to get the girl and we got in the car and prayed. Piper was bawling because she was so worried. It was awful and we are still praying for her. 

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