Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family time!

What a great weekend in OKLAHOMA!!! We spent two days just sitting outside, playing cornhole, volleyball, riding fourwheelers, & the kids swam. A lot of family was there so it was wonderful. We also made a Thanksgiving meal so that was fun!
Beau & I went for a run. He ran 2 miles with me. He did awesome!
Four wheeler riding. I had to give all the kids a ride. Paxton especially loved it!!
He fell asleep with his hand in a chip bag. Beau said it reminds him of him. ;)
Moriah, Daisy, Piper, & Landon
Hank & I were tearin' it up in cornhole!!
Rylan, T.J., & Paxton were laughing so much playing in the water.
Piper got to stay the night with Rayne. They had so much fun!
Piper, Rayne, Gavin, Garrett, & Rylan.
My uncle Jr. comes every other Sunday to mow my grandma's & my mom's house. What a servant heart he has!

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