Monday, July 13, 2015

Cousins, swimming, date night, & more!

This weekend Mimi brought Michael and Audrey in & we had so much fun! Hank, Nicole, & Bentley came over a lot too! Landon was in Oklahoma with is Papa and we sure missed him!
We had fun at the pool. Michael & Piper were working on their diving skills. Bentley just loved the water. He would kick and splash the whole time.
Audrey & Paxton remind us so much of Piper & Michael when they were younger. It is so awesome seeing them play together!
Michael was getting some snuggles from the little ones!
Bentley napping by aunt Becky.
My mom kept ALL the kids so we could have a date. It was so fun getting to do something with Hank & Nicole. We went bowling, rode the ferris wheel, & ate at the Nickel & Dime diner. It was great! 
We finished off our smoke bombs, and had some chocolate milk shakes! MMMMMM!

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