Friday, June 12, 2015

Middle school camp 2015

Beau and I got to go with our middle school to church camp again this year. It's been a few years and this was my 4th time to go to this camp. To say it was AMAZING is a complete understatement. This week made me love these kids even more! I really felt like I got to know a lot of them more. Even the boys.
Beau, Jake, & Zac were going down the slide....
My roomy for the week! I LOVE this girl! 
More "big kids" on the mechanical bull. Jake, Kyle, Beau.
Suzie's group decided to play a little trick on Marca. :)
Larkin, Kristen, and Caylee.
Waiting in line for the go carts.
Rylee, Hannah, & Leah
So glad I got to go to camp with my man!
Beau on the blob. There are always horror stories of someone getting hurt on the blob. I think this years went to Hudson Trice. He was flown high and came down and landed on his face. :(
They were riding on the back of the van.
I let this wild girl give me a ride on the go carts! Oh my! Love that Caylee!
Me and Popsy were ready for the zip line. This man is amazing! We were so glad he was there!
The 7th grade girl talked me into doing the hero swing. It really was scary! The things you will do.
Caylee & Helen (photo hackers)
Popsy beat Jake in some ping pong!
During color wars they had bible wars. It was awesome seeing these kids racing through the bible.
Ashley Suzie, & me. Love em! The 7th grade girls (or Caylee Ceisla) got me to wear that goofy hat. I looked like Padington. I also had yellow paint under my eyes one day, a blue bandana around my wrist, and green paint on my arm. They all wanted me on their team! 
Two sets of twins??
Hannah & Ashlyn (more photo hackers)
Me, Suzie, & Ashley seriously whipped some kids in Jungle Pong. It was so funny! We seriously would be at the end of every game and one of us would win. Some of the kids would tell me I was competitive. I don't know what they are talking about.
Beau with his group. Trey M. Tatum S. Mathew, Beau, Camden C., Luke B., Justin H.
My girls! Avery R., Larkin L., Maycie B., me, Brooklyn E., Kennedy H., and Rylee T.
Jonathan Mitchel sleeping on the bus! This kid is a mess but it was fun talking trash in Jungle Pong.
Middle School Camp 2015
So glad we got to go this year! 

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