Monday, June 1, 2015


Busy busy May!

Paxton climbing in his drawers.....naked!
Paxton likes to say "I sit with you".
At the Farris'. Sweet pick of Paxton and Haddie.
Just because she's the prettiest girl I know!
Cars, cars, and more cars.
Sweet sister & brother holding hands before school.
Icee's at Target!!
Pax spotted a trash truck loading some trash. 
Our MDO workers had a girls night out at Rolando's. So So much fun! Love working with these ladies!!
Snuggling with these two as Piper reads her AR book.
He's all about some football!
And getting stuck.
We missed church and watched it via live stream. So awesome!
Big D came for a visit!
Milk bubbles!
Isn't this how everyone watches t.v.?
We found a new park! Paxton LOVED it!! Piper thought it was pretty awesome too! 
Chuck E. Cheese fun!
Piper's sweet friend Mackenzie was in from Alabama and showed up at our door. She was so excited!!! They made friendship necklaces.
Paxton sure loves his Papa Mack! Twins!
Paxton and Mudder!
Sent the kiddos to mimi's. Datenght for mom & dad! We walked, we ran, we watched a movie, and we were strait up lazy!
Bring on SUMMA!!!

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