Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cousins reunited!

We had a fun weekend with mimi & Ashley. They brought Michael & Audrey with them and we were SO excited! They all had SO much fun!
Mimi was getting some Bentley love!
Ashley was holding Bentley as he slept. Then Pax went to aunt Nicole and wanted her to hold him like Bentley. He fell asleep. Melt my heart!
Piper was SOOOO excited to have a tea party with her cousin Audrey. Audrey was all about some cookies. This was so sweet. Piper always wants someone to have a tea party with. She told me it was okay she that she would never have a sister. She said Audrey is like her sister anyway. Ah, LOVE!
My momma's 6 grandkids all together for the first time this weekend. What a blessing!! The LORD answers prayers!
This picture cracks me up because Paxton and Audrey were fighting. lol!
Fun mimi playing Red Light Green Light with the kids.

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