Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Summer is already flying by but we are having SO much fun!
I told Paxton we were going to the football field so I could run and he got all ready! Loves football already! This helmet is from the 50's that I got from an antique shop that was suppose to be to decorate Paxton's room.
This is what Pax thinks of his daddy's driving! LOL!
Cousin bathtime while I was at church camp. Audrey & Paxton.
This is what it looks like getting snocones while it's raining!
Mr. Personality always making us laugh!
We have been doing LOTS of swimming and my kids are looking like little indians already!
We kept Saydee & Myles for Jacque one day and Landon and Bentley came to see us too. Fun day! 
MOPS playdate that ended in a rock concert! 
We said ice cream then sister became the biggest cheerleader for her brother. HA! We let him sleep with her OCCASIONALLY and she gets him up to take him to the bathroom. Best big sista eva!!
Piper had LOTS of fun at Crazy Awesome Fun Camp this year. She especially loved the night she got to go up in front to sing and dance. I mean she is a rock star! The last night our neighbor Allysa got to go with her!
Mommy/Daughter pedicures! My little mini me! I loved watching her get pampered in the chair. Love every minute with her!
Game and movie night. They both just look SO cute!
Piper likes finding her rings and Paxton swims around like a little fish.
We got Paxton this awesome nap mat for MDO that has all his favorite trucks on it. He LOVES it! Now he has to have it on top of his bed everynight to sleep on. What are we going to do when MDO starts back up???
Pickin' tomatoes with Grandma Rena... Pax was more interested in driving his muddin' jeep. 
First sleep over at Grandma Rena's & Papa Mack's. They kids had a great time!
Found this cleaning Piper's room. I love that sweet heart of hers!!
Lots of swimmin' and popcicle's this summer!
The kids got these shirts in the mail from Pete & Kathleen. LOVE!
Paxton said he wanted to look like uncle Danny and this is what he looked like!
A water hose, little undies, & a big smile. :)
The year is now half over. I needed to be at 150 miles to be halfway through my goal of 300 miles for the year and I am at 163. Only 137 to go. So excited!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015

I am thankful to get to celebrate Father's Day with the best dad I know! This man loves the Lord, he works hard for his family, he's a great leader, and we just have so much fun with him!
We went to church, ate dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, got some ice cream at Goody's, then headed to the park for a walk and some playing. Beau said his day was great! I love this man SO much!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Potty training Pax!

We decided we would try again to see if Paxton was ready to be potty trained. We took all his truck to the bathroom and used them as a reward. Then we eventually put a potty chart up and when he finished it we get ice cream!
This was his first reward and he was super excited!
We decided to put underware on him while we are at home. He does pretty well with it. The first day he had a few accidents and he is not getting the pooping in the potty yet but he will. We are proud of how well he is doing!
Today he finished his 1st potty chart! Proud of you Pax! Ice cream time!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cousins reunited!

We had a fun weekend with mimi & Ashley. They brought Michael & Audrey with them and we were SO excited! They all had SO much fun!
Mimi was getting some Bentley love!
Ashley was holding Bentley as he slept. Then Pax went to aunt Nicole and wanted her to hold him like Bentley. He fell asleep. Melt my heart!
Piper was SOOOO excited to have a tea party with her cousin Audrey. Audrey was all about some cookies. This was so sweet. Piper always wants someone to have a tea party with. She told me it was okay she that she would never have a sister. She said Audrey is like her sister anyway. Ah, LOVE!
My momma's 6 grandkids all together for the first time this weekend. What a blessing!! The LORD answers prayers!
This picture cracks me up because Paxton and Audrey were fighting. lol!
Fun mimi playing Red Light Green Light with the kids.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Middle school camp 2015

Beau and I got to go with our middle school to church camp again this year. It's been a few years and this was my 4th time to go to this camp. To say it was AMAZING is a complete understatement. This week made me love these kids even more! I really felt like I got to know a lot of them more. Even the boys.
Beau, Jake, & Zac were going down the slide....
My roomy for the week! I LOVE this girl! 
More "big kids" on the mechanical bull. Jake, Kyle, Beau.
Suzie's group decided to play a little trick on Marca. :)
Larkin, Kristen, and Caylee.
Waiting in line for the go carts.
Rylee, Hannah, & Leah
So glad I got to go to camp with my man!
Beau on the blob. There are always horror stories of someone getting hurt on the blob. I think this years went to Hudson Trice. He was flown high and came down and landed on his face. :(
They were riding on the back of the van.
I let this wild girl give me a ride on the go carts! Oh my! Love that Caylee!
Me and Popsy were ready for the zip line. This man is amazing! We were so glad he was there!
The 7th grade girl talked me into doing the hero swing. It really was scary! The things you will do.
Caylee & Helen (photo hackers)
Popsy beat Jake in some ping pong!
During color wars they had bible wars. It was awesome seeing these kids racing through the bible.
Ashley Suzie, & me. Love em! The 7th grade girls (or Caylee Ceisla) got me to wear that goofy hat. I looked like Padington. I also had yellow paint under my eyes one day, a blue bandana around my wrist, and green paint on my arm. They all wanted me on their team! 
Two sets of twins??
Hannah & Ashlyn (more photo hackers)
Me, Suzie, & Ashley seriously whipped some kids in Jungle Pong. It was so funny! We seriously would be at the end of every game and one of us would win. Some of the kids would tell me I was competitive. I don't know what they are talking about.
Beau with his group. Trey M. Tatum S. Mathew, Beau, Camden C., Luke B., Justin H.
My girls! Avery R., Larkin L., Maycie B., me, Brooklyn E., Kennedy H., and Rylee T.
Jonathan Mitchel sleeping on the bus! This kid is a mess but it was fun talking trash in Jungle Pong.
Middle School Camp 2015
So glad we got to go this year!