Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Just a few more from this year. 1st grade year is almost over! Oh my!
Paxton and Riley
One of my boys in my class went to time out one day and came back with this sweet note. 
So Piper is bawling in this picture because Paxton ripped a page out of her library book. I had to see if I had to buy a book but thankfully they taped it back together. Little stinker! They were both crying!
Paxton with his friends Weston, Riley, & Lincoln. 
Paxton and his buddy Weston! Love those two!
Riley and Paxton are always holding hands. Paxton has one girl and he's the one she loves! I will tell him "you don't hold Riley's hand." He says "I hold momma's hand."
I have caught Weston and Paxton eating mulch on the playground.
Relay for life!
I love seeing this cool dude on the playground!
Piper had basketball camp and won a medal at the end. We aren't real sure what it was for but she said it was for the obstacle course. 
Paxton in momma's class before school. He is really in to wearing his hat backwards. 

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