Wednesday, April 1, 2015


One Saturday we were taking a nap. Piper was napping with us.
We celebrated Paxton's friend Weston turning 2!!

Took this picture when I was running one day.
We took Mason a little surprise for his birthday. 
Playing with "Batman cake" as Paxton says.
Celebrated Mason's 2nd birthday.
A little trip with Cora and Mason to Ft.Smith.
She loves her dad!
Paxton giving Bentley some love!!
Love laying in bed with P as we read our books!
Park with friends! 
It's always a competition in our family. I will always have this mans back though.
Piper has been interested in the Titanic. There was a documentary on Netflix so Piper watched it.
Another beautiful day with my kids at the park.

Making her March Madness picks!
Piper wrote this on a day that I really needed it. She is so good! I think friendships are so hard. I have learned that my life is better without certain friends. I've quit hanging out with some of them and it has been so great! You have to be able to be honest. They will let you know if they care about you and your family or not. I am so thankful for my friends that love me!!

Bring it on April!!

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