Monday, April 13, 2015

Kids go to Mimi's for the weekend!

My mom kept the kiddos for the weekend and Beau & I couldn't be more excited! We went to the movies and watch Furious 7 and out to dinner. We love when we get to go watch a movie. Saturday we shopped a little, lunch, then came home and took a nap! WOO HOO! Then we went for a run together. We grabbed some Subway and went to Bell Park. I had these questions from Pinterest that you could ask eachother on a date night and Beau & I loved it. It got us talking about different things. With little ones sometimes that is hard. My favorite question was "if you were an animal what would you be?' Beau said I would be a "woman lion". Whhhaaatt?? He said I might bite your head off but I always come back to my mate. HA! I love him! I LOVED this weekend. It really was perfect!

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