Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter parties

Here is our MOPs Easter egg hunt with my sweet class. It really makes me sad that I don't have much more time with these kids. It's crazy how much I love them!!
Paxton's sweet class! He looks SO big!
I got to watch Pax hunt eggs. It was so funny. He slams the eggs in his basket. Then he saw one shaped like a football and just wanted to play football.
Piper was so sweet to her brother. That boy doesn't even know how good he has it with Piper as his big sister. She held his hand the whole time. She was in no hurry. Just held his hand and let him help her get eggs.
Paxton was making Piper's friends laugh! That boy!
Then her picnic got moved inside because it was WINDY!!
Love getting to make these memories with my kids!!!

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