Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and camping

We decided to join the family in Oklahoma and go camping this year. We were so glad we did! The weather was BEAUTIFUL!! The kids had SO much fun! We had fun visisting with everyone, eating, volleyball, and some Easter fun. We colored eggs and the kids hunted them. Paxton still slams his eggs in his basket and would say "bam bam bam bam bam." Telling us he slams his eggs. They had an adult egg hunt and me and Justin won that one. We got $20. each. WOO HOO! We went for walks and just got lots of sun! We headed into town Sunday morning and went to church at Darwin Baptist. We REALLY enjoyed it.
At church Paxton did really well. Towards the end he was getting restless and a lady gave him a pepperment. He started choking on it. I kept hitting him on the back and could see it in his throat. I scooped his mouth and it was gone. I really remember thinking "this is not really happening." He then quit chocking and wasn't taking a breath. I ran him out side hitting his back and he started coughing and gagging. He threw up and out came the peppermint. It scared me SO bad! He was telling people, "I spit it on the ground." Thank you LORD for watching over my boy!!
It was a great church service and it gives us a place to go on Sundays.

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