Thursday, April 30, 2015

April random

Look at me gettin' crafty! This was my aunts & I re-did it for Piper's room.
I could seriously eat his face off!!
Aunt Jane and uncle Danny became grandparents again! Timmy and Aimy had another baby!
Paxton trying out a shower with sis....
He won't quit picking his nose.
Just watching some Daniel Tiger... In a laundry basket.
Piper got another letter from her friend Mackenzie. We miss the Snow's so much!
We went to Corey & Paige's house for a crawfish boil. Beau is the only one of us that would eat it but we had fun!
Game night with the Meeker's & Bishop's. So much fun! The girls one in game night!
After volleyball on family fun night Tyler showed Paxton his "Big Truck". 
Furniture shopping then lunch at Chic fil'a. Paxton really like jumping off the slide!
They love to wrestle and get tickled by their daddy.
They have been taking lots of baths together. Paxton is a lot more pleasant that way.
He's my angel.
After MOPS one day we had lunch with Melissa & Gracie. Melissa has been great for me & a huge prayer warrior in a time that I needed it. So thankful!
These sweet friends! Piper & Rylee! I will be sad when they are "too big" to dress up.
Paxton was walking around saying he was a bulldog. 
No limits with this boy!!
Prayer time, while I was taking a bath. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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