Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alex & Lindsy Alexander 👰💍 3-27-15

Welp, my mom's last kid is married. My baby brother is married! Alex and Lindsy had the most unorganized wedding ever! They showed up an hour late and then had to finish decorating. Alex forgot the rings and his dad had to get up during the ceremony to go get them. It was perfectly them though. It was a sweet small wedding. Lindsy looked beautiful and they are happy! Lot's of prayers for the young married couple that I love! 

One of my favorite parts was at the end of the wedding. Paxton was hungry and kept saying "i wanna eat." He did pretty good and was pretty quite through it all. As soon as the preacher prayed and the end Paxton said VERY LOUDLY "Amen, I'm ready to eat." He knows after we pray it's time to eat. I don't blame him though. I was getting hangry too. 

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