Thursday, March 19, 2015

Paxton 2.5

My boy is 2 1/2!!
He is SO fun, gross, crazy, sweet, and absolutely adorable!
He's a fit thrower! Oh my! Just like his sister was.
He loves sound effects. When he is playing he has to make the noise.
We are not potty training but we do put him on the potty some. He has did both several times but doesn't seem like he wants to be consistent with it yet.
He loves bananas, apples, green beans, almost any kind of meat, almonds, MILK, pb&j's, chips, and any kind of junk food. He also likes Green Machine juice.
He loves playing with his cars and tractors.
LOVES Bubble Guppies! Finally he will watch tv. It has been nice having him entertained some. He also likes Daniel Tiger.
He loves being outside and getting dirty or just running.
Didn't know we would have 2 strong willed children but we do!
He's really into basketball right now and tries to countdown and make the buzzer noise. He also likes football and loves to be tackled.
He has such a sweet laugh and a smile that will melt your heart.
He is definitely the baby of the family and likes when people laugh at him. Little entertainer.
Loves occasional nights when he gets to sleep with sissy.
SO SO thankful for this wild child!


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