Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring break 15

So Mimi and Ashley came up the 1st weekend of Spring Break. We loved hanging out with them!
Mimi and Piper had their cheetah pajamas on.
Piper and I went to one of my 6th graders birthday party at Goody's. I love hanging out with those girls and they always just include Piper.
Then Piper took a little cat nap, so she says.
We got to watch Landon play football!
We roasted hot dogs by the fire.
After the zoo we met Melissa Jones at the park for a picnic. Stacy Miller showed up too and it was so nice visiting with them.
Piper and I went on a "mommy daughter date" which included, Target, Cheddars, and watching the new Cinderella movie. We both loved it. I was excited that two girls from Downton Abbey were in it.
Then me and the kids headed to mimi's. Piper had a nose bleed. Hello Spring!
Paxton threw some good fits!
Piper was learning from mimi to crochet which is something I never had the patience to learn. I see so much of Piper in me. She gets frustrated and doesn't want to do it. She stuck it through though.
We walked with aunt Jane and aunt Mary Faye everynight. Alden, Landon, & Piper.
Hung out at Mimi's while she went to work and went to the park.
Fun mimi's have lots of bubble wrap to pop.
Michael and Audrey got to stay the weekend at mimi's!!!! This was such a praise! We enjoyed them and missed them SSSOOOO much!!!!
More hotdogs and s'mores by the fire.
Uncle Danny gave some Ranger rides.
Paxton and Audrey decided to do a little reading after bath time.
With fun in Antlers, Alex and Lindsy's wedding, and a trip to the zoo, it was a fun relaxing Spring Break!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break '15 Tulsa Zoo

We had a fun time at the zoo! Paxton was ALL OVER! We were seriously chasing him everywhere. Beau and I were constantly running in different directions because he wouldn't listen. I think Paxton loved the train the most. It was neat seeing him check it all out. Piper's was seeing the snowy owls. Mine was the sea lions. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time!