Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day!!⛄️❄️ February 2015

We prayed for a snow day (just one) and the Lord answered our prayers!
Gotta start out reading God's word!
Piper and I played battleship and she beat me. It is so funny how we are both competitive and she didn't want a rematch because she wanted to win.
Paxton played with his trucks. I love watching him play and he is so in to sound effects.
Then we hit the snow. Didn't stay long but the kids got to play some.
We put Pax down for a nap and played some Yahtzee. Our scores were seriously so close. Beau won though!
We then played some pictionary and then I ran 2.25 miles in the 27 degree weather.
Piper and Paxton got dressed up for our potatoe soup dinner and we watched Rudy. I told Piper her brother was going to be so mad at her when he gets older because she dresses him like a girl. She said he wouldn't remember it. I told her that I have all the pictures to prove it. lol!
Thank you Lord for a snow day and such a fun day with the family.

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