Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Friday fun!

Piper didn't have school on Friday. We were so excited to do something fun except that we didn't get to because Paxton got sick again.... Seriously. He just got off an antibiotic and that night started running fever again. I thought oh great, probably strep again or the flu because it got up to 103. We got to spend our day off of school at the dr.'s office. Praise the Lord it was just ear infections. I know those hurt but we were thankful that was it. Poor guy has been sick for a while.
But we meet daddy for lunch. Dad showed the kids his truck and they got to check it out. They loved it so much! That night we took the kids bowling. We did it to reward Piper for her hard work in school. She has gotten all A's this year and is reading on a 4th grade level. She's so smart! We had fun and it was Paxton's first time to bowl. He LOVED it. He threw a fit once because he didn't realize he had to take turns....Love my family!!

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