Monday, February 23, 2015

DNOW 2015

I was so excited when I found out I was doing DNOW with my best friend!! What a weekend! It is so crazy how you just love these girls. We had a great group. We were at the Wackerly's house.
Rec was SO fun! WE got grouped with different students and out of 16 teams our team got 3rd. We play ultimate frisbee and gaga ball.
On Saturday night the girls talked Cora into "ding dong ditching" some of the other host homes. I was SO not into it. Every girl wanted to go so I went for it. They were terrible at it and didn't even do it right so everyone knew it was us. I was complaining the whole time and was so nervous. At church the next day we heard some adults talking about it and Cora and I wanted to die!! Oh my! It was all in good fun though.
Cora and I both really liked the 1 on 1 times. The girls really open up to you and you get to pray with them. Gosh the things these girls already go through!
Cora and I were so thankful to get to do this. We prayed so much and we were grateful that we had Miranda Eserman as our prayer partner. We don't want to quit praying for these girls!!!
Abbie, Destiny, Shea, Kailen, Kim, Brianna, Makenlea, Saylor, & Bridgett! Great girls!
Now on to DNOW recoop! Need to catch up on sleep!

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