Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Becky's 31st birthday!🎈

So when I got back from DNOW Beau surpised me for my birthday. He put SO much thought in it. The house was clean! He had some of my greatest friends there. He had food, cookie cake, and decorations. He had my one on my 31 a dollar bill because I was born on George Washington's birthday. It was the sweetest thing ever! Hank and Nicole got me my favorite flowers tulips and a Candace Cameron Bure movie. Brian and Kaylyn Clay got me some almonds because I am always snacking on almonds and he calls me Almond Girl. Chad and Jessica got me a Chic 'fla card, my mother-in-law got me a rain jacket and an itunes card. Mariam and Cora got me some jewelry. Beau got me a pan that was highly rated on consumer reports. Piper picked out a pink running shirt. Beau asked Paxton what he wanted to get me and he saw a coffee cup and said "mommy drink coffee." So sweet. Everything was so thought out and I am so grateful for all of these peopel!!
And then it snowed on my birthday! I know the Lord knows how much I LOVE snow. What a great day!!

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