Saturday, February 28, 2015


We started the month off with our 3rd annual "Eat Donuts Day" on the 2nd.

Someone's been using the potty some but he's still not ready. I'm not pushing it.
We were happy to have dinner with the Hardcastle's! 
Enjoying some nice weather and movie time....
Paxton thinks he is sneaky. If he sneaks food, he gets under the table like this like we can't see him. HA!
Getting Valentine cards ready!
We celebrated Paxton's friend Beckett's 2nd birthday!
Is this the kid from AChristmas Story???
Enjoying the outside with Papa Mack and Grandma,
My boy that loves his trucks! He can tell you all the different kinds. I don't even know them all but he will correct you if you call it the wrong thing.
While I was at DNOW Beau and the kids had lots of fun together!!
Just eating cereal....
Beau got his truck stuck and Chad came by to pull it out. We were grateful!
Just hauling things around.
Someone is really into Bubble Guppies right now!
And that same someone went to the dr for his 3rd ear infection in a row!!
I love my days with my boy and I love watching him play.
Me and Piper have been playing Bakery Story. It's fun doing this together!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sledding fun 2015!!

We meet some friends at Bell Park for some sledding. So much fun! Piper and some of the others were busy throwing snowballs at eachother and Chad was hitting snowballs at all of them. Paxton LOVED sledding. His giggle just melted my heart! Such a FUN day!! Thankful for no school and a snow day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More snow!

We had our 2nd snow this year. The 1st was really more ice but whatever. The Baker family was over on my birthday and we had SO much fun playing in it!