Saturday, January 31, 2015


After mom and Ashley came in for a few days they took the kids back to Antlers with them for the weekend. We were SO excited! Beau and I ate out twice, watched Unbroken at the movies, ran together, watched the 3 Karate Kid movies on Netflix, did some shopping. 
Love snuggling in the mornings with my little man. He pretends to get a drink of my coffee and then he shares his milk with me.
We went to the ROC to work on Pipers basketball skills. We decided to run upstairs. Paxton seriously ran about 10 laps!
Love my babies!
Paxton loves Talking Ginger. He likes to unroll the toilet paper which could explain why he does it at home....
For some reason there were a few days I laid Paxton down for a nap and forgot to turn his light out. He didn't go to sleep. I finally went and got him. He laid his head on me and went to sleep on my chest. It was the best moment! This boy is always on the go so I just loved on him and just thank God for this boy. It made my day!
We were eating lunch at La Fiesta and Paxton decided to stand up and sing "Hosanna". Notice the beans all over him!
I was having a really bad day. Piper snuck in, ran Paxton bath water, took his clothes off, and gave him a bath. She is the sweetest ever. This girl always wants me to be happy and she always makes me feel loved!
My 3 favorite people getting some love! Pax seems a little unsure...
Nicole took these when they went to mom's. So sweet!
We have been putting Paxton in time out and it really is working! WOOP! It breaks his heart. :(
Just wearing mom's shoes.
A kid tried to take a toy away from Paxton at church. It ended with Paxton getting hit in the eye with it. Black eye.
Paxton had this taco shell and said "moon". He knew it was shaped like the moon. Smart boy!
He jumped off his daddy about 100 times this night.
Paxton just welcomes himself to whatever he wants. He snuck a mini snickers. He doesn't open them with his hands though. He chews on the package until he gets it all out! 
The fireman is climbing up the ladder to the top of sissy's water bottle.
My handsome guys in their matching hats.
Gettin' some yard work done..
Peeling oranges...
Trouble got into the cleaner. I kept hearing him yell "I did it." It usually means he did something he wasn't suppose to!
When dad had his lock-in me and the kids had a fun night!
Beau never sends me selfies but he did this day and it absolutely made my day. I love him so much!
Paxton was ready to get sister from school. He thought he was big stuff putting his own shoes (or sisters) on by himself.
My momma had a birthday!
And my brother turned 30!
Piper and I had a girls night and went to a mother/daughter Pampered Chef party. Some of my 6th grade girls were there and they let Piper hang out with them. They were so good to her!

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