Monday, December 22, 2014


Veteran's day at school. Pax dressed up too! It's a special day becuase it was grandma Baker's birthday.
This is because they are just so cute! Paxton is REALLY in to hats right now.
Lunch date with sister! 
Paxton and Riley in his class. Oh my goodness! Ladies man!
Mrs. Becky likes to take her kids outside because these kids need it. When you can't go outside, you improvise.
Paxton gets little notes from Mother's Day Out.
Piper reads two AR books a night. I was told by her teacher that she doesn't have to. She didn't tell me that she just does it anyway (over-acheiver). Did I mention she reads 3rd grade level books? Smart girl!!
Cute picture Piper drew for Thanksgiving. She said "mom, I can't believe I drew that turkey that good."
I went to Piper's Thanksgiving feast alone. Cora kept Paxton and I loved being there with my girl.
My new bulletin board at school.
Beau Bartlett brought me this present to church. I opened it and it was some of his moms old ribbon. It was just the sweetest thing that he did that and thought of me. He told his mom that I like presents which concerned me that she may have thought that I told the kids that I like presents. This is just so precious!
Piper rockin her ugly Christmas sweater at school.
We went to big church so Mrs. Jacque could tell the kids the story of Jesus' birth. Me, Angie, & Wendy thought we would be funny and act like we were singing. I couldn't find a mic so I had to pretend. We were talking about how Tom would kill us if he saw us messing with the equipment and come to find out he was in the balcany watching us the whole time. We all got a good laugh out of it. I love how I am getting after it, Wendy had her guitar upside down, and Angie is all mellow. lol!
My sweet class! 
I got to go to the library with Piper and see her pick out her AR books. Mrs. Efurd told me she was so proud of Piper.
I cannot believe this year is halfway over!!!! Piper had all 100's on her grade and 1 102. There is only one spelling test that she missed one and she still got the bonus so it was a 100. She makes us SO proud and she works hard! Paxton has been loving Mother's Day Out. It took a while but he finally doesn't cry when he sees me and he's always ready to go to his class. It has been a blessing for me teaching. I couldn't imagine how much I love those kids.

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