Sunday, December 21, 2014

School Christmas parties (parties #6 & #7)

At MDO we had a Polar Express Christmas party. I have LOVED this class! They have LOTS of energy and are just so much fun!! We had our tickets ready and just had a fun day!
Had to steal this picture of mr. Beau and me!! :) We always talk about the movie Elf and he asked if I would wear my Elf shirt again.
Paxton's class didn't have a party but we got his teachers a gift. He has started loving school and it makes me SO happy! 
Mrs. Angela was back for the day and we were so excited to have her! She has been home taking care of Zac who we are so thankful is doing better!
Piper had her breakfast pajama party. 
Mrs. Efurd made sure Paxton ate too.
Xander and Piper! Love them! 

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