Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

The kids loved this! Piper was so excited seeing where he was and Paxton would say "what's Santa doing?"
We love our Christms Eve service at church...
Bentley thought he would just sleep through it all. ;)
Brother Ronnie telling the story of Jesus' birth.
Can you see through the trees the green and white sweater?? That is my son. He decided to walk through the trees and lay in the pretend snow. We were so nervous! We just knew we were going to have a Home Alone moment and we were going to have the trees come tumbling down. Piper was on the side trying to get him to get back. It was so embarassing and we were so nervous. When they started praying I ran up and snagged him.
Piper and Rylee...
Putting out our reindeer food.
Play doh fun!
Opening our stockings....
Milk and cookies for Santa!

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