Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Piper helped me chop veggies one night. She did most of it by herself. My big helper!
Have I mentioned that Paxton is a climber??
I would not mess with these two!
The boys like to play with the water fountain at church Wed. nights. They are a mess!
A little trip to Sam's.
Movie night!
Just getting on the computer....
Piper's got her mask on. Well she created her own sleeping mask.
Got the cookies off the pantry & ate off every one of them!
Paxton snuck some almond bark and I walked in his room and he was going to town on it! 
 You know how Paxton likes to sneak food? This time he snuck marshmellows and they were all over the living room floor. 
Paxton wanted to take some selfie's with mommy. I love this boy.
Pax & I went shopping. Mommy was good and got him a new razorback hat. I'm trying to be fair.
Paxton loves sound effects. He's got noises to all of his toys.
The boys pushed the chair up to the loveseat and were flipping over it. Oh my!
Had a sleepover with Mack! Piper woke me up crying because Mackenzie was snuggling with her. I had to scoot her over. I guess she's just like her mama!
Zoie's 6th birthday and Tinlee's 3rd!
In the middle school we had to act out a story for Christmas. We only had 10 minutes to get ready and my girls did awesome!
Went to Lyla's 2nd birthday party. Paxton kept wanting to giver her kisses. He kept following her around saying "Lyla kisses, Lyla kisses."
We hopped in the car with our Christmas music, pajamas, hot chocolate, cookies, and popcorn to go look at Christmas lights. So fun!
Paxton got a k-cup out of the trash and had coffee ALL over his room!!!
We had dinner, smore's, and a hayride with friends. We didn't do the hayride because we didn't want to wait in line but we had a lot of fun with our friends!
One day during Christmas break we took the kids to see the new Night at the Museum movie. It was good. Paxton did fairly well. I only took him out two times to tell him he had to be quiet.  
Playing with blocks. Paxton kept saying "mommy look. Oh no! Falling!" He wanted his dad to build with him.
Beau was excited to show Piper how to shoot her new bb gun. She didn't realize how much she would love it!
The Scantlings were in all week. Friday and Saturday night they came over and stayed so late and it was so awesome visiting with them and catching up. The 3 girls went on a coffee date one night. So fun!
We have LOVED Piper being home for Christmas break. She has had fun playing. She was being Sacajawea here. Cutest little idian I know!
We watched our teams in their bowl games. Piper and I were dissapointed because our team didn't even show up. Daddy and Pax were happy for their team!
Sweet Bentley Adam in a milk coma!
Ashley and Mimi surprised us and showed up. We got to open gifts with them.
My favorite! Getting Christmas cards!
Bentley Adam has been smiling a lot. Sweet baby!
Piper wanted me to rub her feet because she was SO tired. I love her SO much!
Great and busy December! On to a new year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Elf on the shelf 2014

We have loved the Elf this year. Seeing Piper so excited is so awesome! Piper accidently touched him one time and started crying. She apologized and wrote him a letter at school telling him she was so sorry. Paxton even liked finding him. Every morning he would go to where he was the day before to find him. He did get into some shenanigans but we explained that he did it all for fun and to make us laugh. HE kept Jesus in it too.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day

Started out reading the real Christmas story from the bible and we had our baby Jesus swaddled up in his manger.
Little guy had to wake up first!
Paxton got a bike from Santa and Piper got a sewing machine.

Beau prepared the turkey and the Baker's came over!
We're all about that baste bout that baste bout that baste, mo butta!
Christmas dinner! mmmm!
Bentley kisses!
Bentley decided he would just sleep through Christmas!