Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Break 2014

We started out our Thanksgiving break having dinner with our favorite family, the Oaks'.
Before going to Antlers we had to stop by to get some baby Bentley love!!
Thanksgiving morning we did what we usually do. Lounged around and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. My mom introduced Piper to Pick Up Sticks. My brother and I use to play this a lot as kids. Piper whipped mom.
My most favorite turkey's ever!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Only got a few pics of the family Thanksgiving but it was sure a good one. 
Uncle Windale and Pax.
Ashley doing her thang and entertaining the kids. No wonder they love her so much!
Beau and I enjoyed a nice walk in the beautiful weather!
Not happy Hog fans but they sure are cute!
Piper & aunt Jane doing puzzles.
We had two game nights. This night uncle Danny & Tommy joined us and we battled it out in Battle of the Sexes. We played til 1:30 then had to finish the next night. A victory by the woman but the guys beat us in Taboo. Things get a little heated in family game night but it's lots of fun!
Paxton getting some grandma Faye love!!
We went to Catt's 1st birthday party and Piper walked around holding her book. Funny girl! I love it!
Paxton just had a bath and he has to dig in the dirt. Love him!
Looking outside with mimi.
Piper made her own Moby wrap. They Pax had to have one. 
Nice, relaxing Thanksgiving break!

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