Saturday, November 1, 2014


Paxton tore the inside of his bed up. :/
When some of the family was in for the kids birthdays we had a dinner outside at La Fiesta. 
Great walk with Mack & Mason!
Me & Paxton got to eat lunch with Beau one day. Paxton was so amazed that his daddy drove a big truck! All the way home he said "daddy's big truck."
My family before church one day dressed for fall.
I love these two sweethearts!
Mommy/daughter night watching "The Wizard of Oz".
So how many stuffed animals do you sleep with???
We love church on Wednesday nights!
He wanted to know where the bacon was....

Don't worry, we're not potty training. Although he has went a few times!
Rylee came over after school one day...
Paxton wanted to play :(
Paxton eating pizza with no hands at Cora's one night. He thinks he is so funny!
Cora was crying because Mack was rooting for the SOONERS!
Halloween movies and crafts with the kids! SO fun!
Since Beau & I have been married he is my spider killer. It is so funny because every time he "comes to the rescue" the spider gets away! He swings at the spider and misses and it takes off. Usually leaving it in a hard to reach place and making it difficult to get to. It is something we've always laughed about,
Jessica Stoval taught a class on finger knitting. It was so fun! I loved visiting with a bunch of girls too.
We were out past bedtime so Beau sent me this picture of the kids to tell me goodnight. They all 3 make me smile!
Some breathing treatments for Pax. He loves them so I had to hide the machine. He would say "breathing treatment" and knocked it off the table one time.
EVERYTIME I vacuum this boy is right behind me making his vacuum noise helping me.
Pax's healthy breakfast.... Organic eggs with spinach, apples, and green machine smoothie.
Three sweet boys eating pb&j while mommies make another arm scarf.
Piper decided to write the definition on friendship.
Just another night hanging with the Oaks' family.
We surprised sweet Trinka on her birthday with some donuts!
Went to the Hindman's for a cookout and some pumpkin painting.
Piper left with a half eaten lalaloopsy but she handled it well. :)
Piper, Addison, and Brooklyn.
A fun night with Cora, Mariam, and these sweet kids! Making popcorn balls and eating way too many marshmallows.
Beau volunteered to keep the boys one Monday so Cora and I did some shopping ALONE! So awesome not toting little ones around or hearing them scream while you're trying to shop.
I love my friend!!
My kids had a surprise gift from a sweet friend one day after school. They are loved!

Paxton, Beau, Beckett, and Mason... Sweet boys!
This boy is a monkey! He was running from me because I was going to change his diaper...
We love October! It was a great month. So excited for November...

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