Thursday, November 13, 2014

Momcation 2014

We were so excited for momcation!! We took off Friday morning and headed to Branson. First stop was to the landing.
I loved this deer.
Saw this sign in Kirkland's and had to take a picture with it. Perfect!
"We are going to be really cool old ladies."

Thank you friends for humoring me and letting me eat at the 50's diner listening to my oldie music. Even though they made fun of it. 
I know they thought we were crazy in there. They called my name for my food and my friends started cheering. It was awkward and hilarious! Then Jacque almost bumped some guy with her pregnant belly.

 We spent the 1st morning at the cottage. Chatting and eating breakfast. In our pajamas. We had no diapers to change, extra plates to make, diaper bags to pack, strollers to haul around, or extra messes to clean up. It was a nice break and much needed!

 We shopped until we dropped!
I think Shannon and Hayle were DONE!
 The man at Toys r'us gave Cora a huge bag so she could put all her bags in one. :)
 We made sure to get our workout it. Cora and I doing some lunges.
Hayle had some cold feet.
 We played games and laughed so much! We laughed so much we cried! We also stayed up SO late. The 2nd night we went to sleep at 3a.m. and we seriously had to make ourselves go to sleep! So much fun!

 Shannon was so excited we got it right.
Cora and I couldn't believe that we got "Walk Like a Man" to hum.. Of course I was going to do that one. I did most of the song before they figured it out. I had to perform with it of course. We looked at the card again and couldn't believe it wasn't even the right song. It was "Walk This Way". Oops! So funny!
Hayle and Shannon were in a low rider. They had this down. The beat and all!
Cora and I being "pigs in a blanket". 
Our sweet little cottage!
Looks like a Christmas town! 

Hayle! :)
 One of my most favorite things! Cottages. So fun!!
 One of my 2nd most favorite things... Lighthouse's! ON top. Look at that view! Jacque didn't want to come out to get in the picture. 

 We got a lot of Christmas shopping done. After we were done shopping we didn't know how we were going to fit everything in the vehicle but we did it!!
This was one of the best weekends and I cannot wait until Momcation 2015!! 


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